Release note 4.14

This release introduce a new concept to save time while creating dashboards, reports and alerts, and fixes bugs.

Edit of  october 16th: a new version of the Opisense index app is available on stores Androïd and Apple store. Please synchronize your index from your app before updating the new version to be sure to save your local index.



Default variable

You can now define for each source a variable that will be pre-filled by default for dashboards, reports and alerts creation.

To do so, go into the Variable tab of the source, click on the tools icon of the variable you want to set as default variable, and switch on default variable.

Then each time you will create a dashboard, report or alert with this source, the default variable and its unit will be pre-filled in the drop-down. Of course you can change the variable you want to use and its unit directly in the drop-downs of the dashboards, reports and alerts, as usual.

Bug fixes

  • Fix bug preventing to fire raw alerts
  • Fix bug preventing to send Reports as link by email
  • Fix bug preventing to display all the sites in the maps
  • Fix bug preventing to open linked meters of a dashboard
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