Release note 4.13

This release mainly improves the alerts and reports scheduler and the report page. To learn more about the last new features, attend our next webinars.


New alerts and report scheduler 

We integrate a new cron scheduler to improve reliability and flexibility. You will now be able to schedule alerts & reports with more granularity or directly in cron format for more advanced scheduling. 


Examples of new scheduling possibilities:

  • Definition of the hours and minutes
  • 1st day of the month
  • Every day-of-week from Monday to Friday : choose advanced Schedule mode, and type the following cron expression 0 0 * * 1-5 . To find other cron expression you can use a cron editor.

Filter & sort on Reports page

The reports page is now  displayed like the Sources page. It's possible to sort and filter reports, customize data displayed and save this set of data as a view. You can also now define the size of the columns of each views, in the Sources and the Reports pages. 

Next page to be revamped will be the Alerts page.

New connector: Smappee

It's now possible to connect Smappee device to Opisense. To connect your Smappee device, you will need to connect your account to Smappee.


  • Fix bug preventing to reset a report's template
  • Fix bug preventing to download the CSV of a heatmap dashboard
  • Fix bug preventing the synchronization of Public dashboard 
  • Fix bug preventing invitation post by API
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