Release note 4.12

We continue to improve the Dashboards by creating new types of data sources & graphs. To learn more about dashboards, join our dedicated webinar.



New visual sources

  • Free text

Perfect to give context and information about the data displayed in the dashboard, this tile enables you to publish text. A wysiwyg editor helps you to format the text with standard text editing features.



  • Image

 Upload any image from your storage or your computer to display as a tile and illustrate your dashboard.


New graphics


  •  Value

Display a single value or two values compared. Values can be aggregated using views of surces and aggregation options. The comparaison will be displayed in ultimate value and in percentage. You can choose the color of the percentage by defining how Opisense should interpretate the comparaison.


  • Correlation 

With correlation charts you will be able to compare two timeseries, or a timeseries with a value forms from sources or sites.

In the data source of the axis Y, you can choose the type of trend to display: linear, exponential, polynomial, power, logarythmic, loess. The regression equation will be displayed in the legend of the graphic. correlation.png

  • Maps

Display a marker on a map for each sites. Fell free to use a views of sources to upload a lot of sites in the maps.

The gradient options is available to show the differences of value for each sites.


Just click on the marker of the site and you'll see the value, and will be able to be redirected to the Site details page.

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