It is possible to indicate a past or future event. An event can have an impact on the value of a source (e.g. a consumption) or on other relevant data related to a source.
E.g.: construction work on building, welcoming days during the weekend, maintenance of heating installation, change of heating installation, new insulation, start date “challenge” lowering consumption,…



5.1. Click on « Create a new event» and fill in the fields :

  • Description: free text field in which a name for the event can be filled in
  • Type of event:
    • SingleDate: event from which the duration is less or equal to one hour. One date should be indicated.
    • Period: event from which the duration takes longer than one hour. One start date and one end date should be indicated.
  • Information: free text field which permits to give more details on the event.
  • Tags: by choosing a tag, one can indicate that the event will have an impact on the sources with the tag selected. A tag can be given on the level of the creation of the sources, both real and virtual (see X).
  • Sources : select one or more sources on which the event will have an impact.
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