In this tab, one can enter the opening hours of a building. These opening hours can be used for the calculation of the alerts or for the configuration of a system for the regulation of temperatures.

3.1. Click on “Add schedule” in order to fill in the fields



-                    Edit schedule

o   Name: name of schedule

o   Levels

§  Name: name given to the level (e.g. open, closed, pre-heat, heat,…)

§  Value: this field is only relevant in case one can control its heating installation. In this case, one can fill in a temperature. In all other cases, please fill in the value “1”.

-                    Default: select the level per default (e.g. open = Yes)

-                    Click on the schedule to fill in the schedule




3.2. Go to the schedule

- Click on the column of a specific data in order to define the start date and end date for a specific level
- Click on “Save”
- This schedule will apply automatically on all weeks (previous weeks and future weeks). At this moment, it is not possible to define different schedules for different weeks.


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