Release note 4.10

This release introduces mainly improvements of the dashboards, both on a site level or on the Dashboards tab.



  • The "old dashboard" page has been transferred as a Site page in the main navigation bar. All the features of the "old dashboard" are maintained.  
  • Dashboards shared within an account

It's now possible to display a dashboard for all users of the account, from the Sites tab or from the Dashboard tab. Go on the drop-down menu of your dashboards and click on the Share icon to open the Sharing settings.


A shared dashboard within the account will be displayed for all users of your account. Each user will only see the data of the sources allocated to this user. 

For dashboard based on views, the views need to be shared within the account to allow the dashboard to be shared within the account. This can be done directly in the dashboard page, a pop-up will warn you when you will try to share your dashboard, or in the Sources view.

  • View aggregation 

A new box is displayed on the data sources. If "None is selected", then the dashboard will display one value per sources. If a view aggregation is selected, then the dashboard will display only one value for all the sources. 

It will allow you for example to display the average consumption of all sites (AVG of SUM): create a view with the concerned sites in the Sources page, use this view to create a dashboard, select SUM as Variable aggregation and AVG for View aggregation.


  • Full-screen tile

It's now possible to display a tile in full screen. You can choose and edit the format of any tile in the Create & edit pop-up or directly on the dashboard.FullScreenPopUp.png


To come back to the dashboard, just click again on the full-screen icon.

  • Nothing to do with dashboards, but a new boolean field type for forms. 



  • Fix to prevent Power BI tile bug
  • Fix of the FTP IP of Opisense displayed in the Storage
  • Fix to display again the dependency pop-up of forms
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