Release note 4.9

This release introduce several new features. If you are interested by a deep dive through them in a webinar, just ask it in the comments bellow.



  • Reports can now be sent on FTP

FTP can be define at user level or an account level by the managers. FTP, SFTP and FTPS are supported. Once the FTP is defined, any user can sent a report to the FTP in the notifications box of the Schedule report pop-up.


Learn more about how to add a FTP in Opisense.

With this new feature, we also add the ability to add linked services at an account level (it was only possible at a user level). The managers can add them in the Account settings page, on the Services tab.


  • A new graphic is available in the dashboards: stacked area for time series


This new graphic can be created by choosing Time series as Vizualisation type, and Stacked area as Display type in the data.


  • Data aggregation can now be modified in dashboards

The aggregation can now be modified in the dashboards. The aggregation by default was used, and is still used in all the dashboards created before the release. 


  • Forms on event

It's now possible to add customized fields on Events. As a manager go on the Forms page, click on the Add a form button, and select Event as entity. 


Then go on any event, a tab Properties appears in the pop-up, with all the customized fields.



  • Fix to prevent error message on public dashboards
  • Fix to display data in reports when an exact date is selected


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