Release note 4.8

We continue to improve the Sources page and views.


Views can now be used as sources in dashboards, to create Pie Charts, Time Series and Benchmarks.

  • Create a graphic based on Views

Once views are created in the Sources page, they can be selected in the dashboards page on existing or new tile. Just click on the button Add based on source view in the Data section of the Tile creation and edit pop-up. 


  • Share a dashboard based on views

To share a dashboard based on views, the views should be shared within the account. It can be done in 2 ways:

- In the feedback pop-up: click on the Confirm button


- In the Sources page, in the Views menu: click on the Edit icon and then switch on the option Shared within the account.


Remember, a shared view within the account will be displayed in the Sources page of all the users of your account. All the users will be able to create reports and dashboards based on this view, and will see all the sources of the view. When a report or a dashboard is based on a public view, this view can’t be delete or unshared within the account.



  • Advanced search in Sources page: fix the Site syntax
  • Design bugs fix
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