Release note 4.7


We increase the information exchange that is currently possible. Now it is possible to define Webhooks for 2 types of events:

  1. Alerts notifications
  2. Data Quality notifications

Those will be configured the same way as we configure the Email and SMS notifications, in the Account settings. 

Please note that the CRUD operations are only available for Managers. They will be able to:

  • Add webhook
    • Authentication: only Basic authentication (or no authentication at all) is supported
    • Format: JSON or XML
    • A test button allows to validate the configuration before saving
  • See Webhook 30 days status and state
    • When an error occurs, the system will automatically retry one time after 10 seconds then 4 times at 10 minutes interval.
    • If the system encounters 5 errors consecutively, the webhook will be disabled in order. A manager has to fix the issue and can re-enable the webhook manually.
  • Edit Webhook
  • Delete Webhook


Users are able to retrieve the list of configured Webhooks to use them in Alert and Data Quality notifications.


You will find more informations about Webhooks in Opisense in the User manual.






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