Release note 4.4


  • New Gradient option on benchmark chart

You can now define 2 or 3 gradient colors on your benchmark chart. In the section 4. Data of the Dashboard, you just need to switch on “Gradient colors” and pick-up your colors.



The gradient will be defined automatically on your benchmark chart.


  • Display Variable ID

You will find the ID of any variable in the list of variables of a source, by clicking on the Mapping config icon.


 Save chart from Visualize tab SaveChartVisualize.png

 Bug fixes

  • Fix bug preventing to save graphs created in the Sources page. The data is displayed in site time zone.
  • Fix bug preventing to display points with value = 0.
  • Fig bug preventing to add and remove a site to an account and a user.
  • Fix bug preventing to create an alert after viewing the history of another alert.
  • Fix bug preventing to save a report when only changing the template.
  • Fix bug preventing to save calculated variable when only removing a dependency.
  • Allow to set a schedule from 23:30 to 24:00.
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