Release note 4.2

New features:

  • SMS Configuration at account level

From now on, customers are responsible to subscribe and setup all SMS notifications. The manager of an account must now subscribe to a Plivo account and setup the settings in the account administration page. 

To do so, please follow these steps: 

1. Go to

2. Setup an account

3. On the dashboard, the AuthID and AuthToken are displayed

4. Buy an Phone Number


5. Use the AuthID, AuthToken and Phone Number in the Account Settings page of Opisense (SMS Configuration)


  • Download dashboard CSV

User is now able to download dashboard Tile data as a CSV file


  • Gradient color

 It is now possible to have a gradient color for Benchmark charts


Bug fixes: 

  • Report download link has been fixed and adapted for backward compatibility:
    • New mails will have the corrected link
    • Old email links will now work properly
  • Dashboard saves data properly even when user has WRITE right.


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