Release note 4.0.0

New features:

  • New layout

The layout of the front page has changed in order to provide more intuitive navigation, especially for the Account Information. 

All the account information is now gathered within a frame that can be displayed by clicking on the user name in the top right corner of the screen. 

If the user is also admin of the account all the admin information will be displayed in this tab.  

The same for the support link and the Logout button. 





  • New feature in reports

In the Reports section, all functionalities are now gathered into a single screen. All options for configuring reports will be displayed in the report details. 




By clicking on the name of the report, user can configure all options. The general information and data sources stay the same as before. The notification rules can also be found on that screen. 

A new feature of the reports functionality is the possibility to select additional meta-data to be included in the downloadable excel report. 




The list of reports previously listed all reports generated under the connected account. The reports history is now displayed report by report. 

All other functionalities remain the same as before. 


  •  Mapping config

A new feature in the sources section allows the user to configure the mapping between a source of information (e.g. Gateway) and the variable type available in Opisense. This configuration is accessible in the configuration of the source by clicking on this button:  MicrosoftTeams-image-_4_-icon.png 








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