Users management

This interface permits to see the list of all active users. One can click on the name of a user to see more details on the user account and it’s access rights.





1. General information: personal information on the user, language preference,…


2. Roles


2.1. Admin: reserved to Opinum

2.2. Support: reserved to Opinum


2.3. Manager: the manager has access to all sites, all sources and all functionalities of Opisense


2.4. User: the access rights of the user are limited on the level of sites, sources and functionalities in Opisense. The access rights are chosen once the user is created and can be adapted afterwards.


2.5. DataPusher: access used by a middleware in an external environment, for pushing data on the API of Opisense


3. Secondary accesses


3.1. Opisense: access to platform Opisense


3.2. SiteCare: access to platform SiteCare


3.3. Opisense Index: access to application OpisenseIndex


3.4. FTP: FTP access granted by Opisense


4. Sites: only visible on the page if chosen for “user” at user role


4.1. Click on « Add site »


4.2. Choose the building to which you want to grant access


4.3. Click on the name of the building


4.4. Choose the source or sources to which you want to grant access to another user
















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