Managers can create groups of Sites to organize the display of the Sites tab. 

To create groups of Sites go on the Administration menu by clicking on your name in the right-hand of the navigation bar, and click on Groups in the Account section.

1.      Click on “Create group”




1.1. Name: name for the group

1.2. Type

1.2.1. Global: the group will be visible for every user

1.2.2. Personal: the group will only be visible for the user creating the group







2. Click on the number “0” in the column “Size” to add a group to a site

2.1. Click on “Add to group”

2.2. Choose the buildings you want to include

2.3. Click on “Save”

Once a group of sites is created, it can be found in the Sites tab, and can be used to filter sites. 





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