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This tab permits to define a template for reports. Click on « create new report » and configure the following parameters.

1. General information


1.1. Name: name of the template

1.2. Use file: chose an Excel file which serves as a tool to define your template. This list only contains files that are empty.

1.3. Frequency: chose the granularity of the frequency the report will be sent

1.4. Next execution date: chose the 1st day the report will be executed

2. Data sources 

Reports can be filled by data from single sources or views. In both case the following fields should be filled:

2.1. Sheet name: name of the tab in Excel

2.2 Site: site of the single source. It's replaced by the View name when report is based on a view.

2.3 Source: name of the single sources. For view based reports you can select all the sources of the views or a top.

2.4 Variable: type of variable linked to a source that needs to be exported. Note: in case energy data is being exported: choose “general consumption” for an electricity source with one phase and choose “total consumption” for an electricity source with three phases

2.5. Granularity: export raw data or choose to combine data by hour, day, month or year

2.6. Aggregation: you can aggregate data or chose "raw" to export all the data

2.7. Unit: chose the unit of the variable to be displayed in the report 

3. Metadatas

Metadatas can be added to reports in dedicated tabs:

  • Sites
  • Sources
  • Alerts
  • Event
  • Invoices
  • Schedules

Just switch on the one to be displayed and chose the name of the tab.



Notifications can be sent when reports are ready. Just chose choose who and how notifications are sent.



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