Create & share dashboards

When clicking in the list on « new Dashboard » and by typing the name for the new dashboard, one can create a dashboard.

One can share the dashboard, adapt the dashboard or delete the dashboard.


1.      Share a dashboard

1.1.    Share a dashboard in Opisense

Once a dashboard is created, all dashboards that one created are personnel. Via the tab “Share with users”, one can share a dashboard with other users in Opisense.



1.2.    Share a dashboard to external environment

One can share a dashboard with an external person who is not a user of Opisense, by activating the link URL:

1.2.1.  The access is activated/ disactivated by using the button in the right corner

1.2.2.  One can change the size and colour of the dashboard

1.2.3.  One can personalize the dashboard by including the link of your company

1.2.4.  Click on “Share” to activate the link. The link can be entered by anyone, one does not have to have access to Opisense

12.5 Share a dashboard based on views

To share a dashboard based on views, the views should be shared within the account. It can be done in 2 ways:

- In the feedback pop-up: click on the Confirm button


- In the Sources page, in the Views menu: click on the Edit icon and then switch on the option Shared within the account.


Remember, a shared view within the account will be displayed in the Sources page of all the users of your account. All the users will be able to create reports and dashboards based on this view, and will see all the sources of the view. When a report or a dashboard is based on a public view, this view can’t be delete or unshared within the account.


2. Duplicate a dashboard

The function “duplicate” can be useful if the template of the dashboard is at interest to duplicate for other sites and sources.
Once duplicated, one can modify the duplicated dashboard. By duplicating, one can avoid to start each configuration from 0.

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