Release Opisense 3.19.0

New features:

  • Calculate Variables

As you know Opisense already allows the user to make simple calculate variables with addition and subtraction calculation. Now thanks to the new function, the platform exposes a set of functions to execute complex calculations based on Excel or R/Python scripts.

    • Modify and add variable on a source

Thanks to the new calculate variable functions it's now possible in the Source Configuration to edit the name of the variable, add a new one or add a new calculated variable.


When adding a new calculated variable, the type of calculation can be chosen (currently R is supported, other languages are to be made available) as well as the unit, granularity and quantity type. 


    • When clicking on the calculator user can define its own calculations using existing input variables, information coming from forms and/or constants which are already available in the Opisense platform



    • Download sample data 

After having defined all the inputs to run the calculation scripts, the user can download sample data in order to work and write the R script outside of the Opisense environment (offline mode). The script can also be written directly through the Opisense interface.


    • Check R script

User has the option to upload the script from a .txt file with the upload function. Opisense then checks the consistency of the script and highlights possible errors.



    • Preview calculation output

If no errors are found the preview button allows the user to view the calculation outputs in chart formats. 


Bug fixes:

  • Opisense Standard trigger should ignore line and not whole file
  • Adaptive button size
  • Source status properly reported




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