Release notes Opisense 3.17.0

New features:

  • Dashboard public sharing
  • Custom colors on Benchmark chart
  • New selectors on data source configuration


Bug fixes: 

  • Custom data not visible

Under certain conditions users were not able to see the sites custom data.



1. Dashboard public sharing

It's now possible to share a dashboard with a non-user of Opisense as no Opisense account is required to view the public dashboard. 

A simple link allows the user to share his dashboard. To generate this link, first click the share icon of the selected dashboard.

-  Check the Enabled button from the pop-up screen.

- Options allow to customize the dashboard background colors and titles, together with a fit to screen option.

- A logo can be added for more customization of the dashboard.

- Click on "Share" to active the link. Once activated, this link can be send to anyone without a Opisense account.




2. Custom colors on Benchmark chart

Users are now able to select a custom colour for each data source in the Benchmark chart configuration.


3. New selectors on data source configuration

The drop down selectors on the data sources configuration panel has been modified. The new control is faster and has keyboard support. 





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