Release Opisense 3.14.0

New features:

  • Dashboard shift datasource
  • Duplicate Dashboard datasource
  • Dashboard color datasource
  • Duplicate Dashboard tile
  • Create site button on dashboard
  • Forms refactoring (technical but allows easy access to Forms data through API for sources and sites) (warning: lists management is not supported for now)


Bug fixes:

  • Cannot edit source for managers
  • Sources containing special characters were causing issues (/)
  • Impossible to select Dates value for forms



  • New Dasboard features :
    1. Shift :
      You want to compare your consumptions of the two last weeks? Add a second data sources with a shift : 

      You can now easyly compare and see any evolution. 
    2. Duplicate data:
      Duplicate a datasource by clicking on this button : 
    3. Color
      Bored of standard colors?
      You can now choose your favorite one by clicking on 

      You can then pick a new one
    4. Duplicate tile: 
      You want to create a new tile with the same data and another granularity? Just duplicate your tile by clicking on duplicate and edit the new one.
    5. Create site :
      Add a new site in your Opisense account by clicking on 


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